Dragon Splash

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Gold Ion Exfoliating Gel 

Born in USA / Made in Japan 

It's a Japanese Beauty Secret....

Dragon Splash retains the soft peeling effect and adds a red vitamin B component called "Cyanokobalmin" to enhance antioxidant power! This is totally amazing effect by peeling gently and moisturize at the same time.
Japanese high quality 24-karat gold flakes has negative ion effect, so that your skin will look much healthier and younger!


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* 只今送料無料です!(国内・海外)

The Ultimate Way to Exfoliate & 

Provide Nutrients to Your SKIN!!


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Product Details

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Through Purification :
Removal of old keratin by peeling effect by negative ions.

Plenty of Moisturizer:
Collagen, Squalene, Hyaluroni Acid, Aloe Extract, Bifidobacterium 


How to use Dragon Splash ご使用方法

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1. After washing your face, take 1 full scoop (attached spatula) onto your dry hand. Then spread it over your entire dry face. 

2. Use three fingers of hands to gently massage your face in a circular motion until the gold is not visible anymore. And you will feel that the Dragon Splash will turn to be watery from the clear gel. It takes approximately 30 to 60 seconds. 

3. Stop massage and hold it lake a mask for about 15 seconds. 

4. Start massage lightly again. Dead skins (old horny layer) start peeling off. Rinse away with cold or lukewarm water lightly. 

*Watch the video below 

1. 洗顔後お肌の水分をしっかり拭き取り、スパチュラ1杯分を均等に顔全体に伸ばします。

2. 両手の指を使い円を描くようにゆっくりゴールドが消えるまで30秒から1分間顔全体を優しくマッサージしてください。

3. するとジェルが水っぽくなりますので15秒程度パック状態にします。 

4. 再びマッサージし、古い角質がこの段階でボロボロ出てきますので、水またはぬるま湯で軽く洗い流し水分を拭き取ります。その後はいつものお手入れに。潤いと艶肌を実感してください。


Size or Dimensions

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Net 1.8 oz  / 50g 
3 inch x 2 inch 箱入り

Dragon Splash ご使用方法(動画)

How to use Dragon Splash (watch video!)